Slap Your Smartphone With Great Bike Apps on Our Bike Phone Mount

You just ordered a great bike phone mount in our X-grip, congratulations on making a smart purchase. You are now able to take your smartphone with you on all your biking trips and you know it will be safe and secure. And since your smartphone is always handy while on your bike rides, you can now take full advantage of the many bike apps available. Here are just a few of the better ones.

Don’t have a bike computer? The Move! Bike Computer app is for you. This app is an advanced GPS tracker, speedometer and logger all in one. It holds a few other advanced features and is complimented with a simple and clean interface that is easy to use.

Map My Ride is a great app that will turn your smartphone into the ultimate cycling computer. In addition to GPS route mapping, you get features like distance traveled, pace, elevation and even calorie counting.

The Bike Repair app comes with 64 detailed guides that help you through the process of fixing anything from your wheels to your front derailleur. Each guide comes with plenty of detailed photos to give you a great visual representation. In addition to the repair guide, Bike Repair comes with a handy feature that helps you track replaced parts and maintenance history.

Viewranger is a great app if you are a mountain biking enthusiast looking to explore some new trails. There is even a “Buddy Beacon” function that enables you to share your ride with your adorning public or a few select friends.

With these fine apps, you are able to take your bike riding to the next level.