In Addition to Bike Speakers, You Need These Awesome Accessories

With warmer weather finally here, many cyclists are pulling their bikes from storage, cleaning them up and gearing up for long summer rides. Now, you probably know that there is more to your rides than just having a good bike. You have the perfect wheels, the finest brakes and a comfy seat, but what you don’t have are the accessories that kick your bike into high gear. Here are a few bike accessories that you certainly cannot live without.

Bike Speakers

Since you are reading this on Cruzen Tunes website, you can bet the first item on the list is going to be bike speakers. Join the 21st century, lose the wires and enjoy your ride while listening to your favorite music.

Turn Signal Gloves

Since cyclists have to share the road with motorists, safety is of great importance. These awesome gloves make your ride safer, especially when darkness falls and are bright enough they can be easily seen in the daylight. Not only that, they look pretty cool as well.


Revolights are rings of LED lights that you mount on your bike wheels. The result is 360-degree lighting that makes you more visible to motorists and pedestrians. Check them out.

Crash Sensor

Never ride alone again with this crash sensor that mounts to any type of bike helmet. The ICEdot app provides push notifications that share your route and alerts emergency contacts if a head impact is detected.

So there you have it, our list of accessories you need for more fun and safe rides this summer.